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Photographs by Thomas Erskine

Thomas Erskine photography

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Maura Erskine's


Around the Ring of Gullion…….

Is a musical and photographic DVD/CD odyssey around the Ring of Gullion, Northern Ireland and area world renowned for its outstanding natural beauty, prehistory, history myths and legends. It is a musical journey around the famous ring of Gullion, and the beautiful area of historic Carlingford.

Around the Ring of Gullion……

Will take you on a deeply personal journey of the landscape captured in photographs spanning 50 years of a place that has become the source of inspiration for so many people and loved by all those who visit. The Ring of Gullion possesses a truly magical breathtaking landscape that been described as one of the most beautiful places in the British Isles and the inspirational lifetime source of much of Maura Erskine’s music.

Contributors include:

Music arrangements, lyrics & production

Maura Erskine: first and foremost produced and conceived the ‘Ring of Gullion’ project. All the compositions are inspired from the historical and folklore of the region. In composing the music and lyrics for this DVD Maura has returned to her roots, being inspired by the legends and landscape ‘Around the Ring of Gullion’.

Mile Jones: grew up in the shadows of Niagara Falls, Buffalo New York. He is multi instrumentalist, equally at home playing jazz, classical, orchestral and folk. Miles is also a record producer and produced many albums on both sides of the Atlantic.

Catherine Mills: Lyricist for Mystical Mountain, Cutting the Callaigh, Lord of My Life.

Thomas Erskine: has had two books published of his photographs of his
Irish landscapes and cityscapes titled ‘Mourne’ and ‘Belfast’.

Dominic Patron is by trade a teacher who works abroad. He is a keen photographer with a particular love for the Ring of Gullion, the Mourne’s and Landscapes of Ireland.

Bruno Patron: runs a mural and specialist interior design business in London with his partner. He is also a painter and exhibits regularly in Ireland and London.

About the tracks:

  1. Mystical Mountain –  the musical introduction takes us to the beautiful Slieve Gullion mountain.

  2. Carlinn Fiord – historical-musical reference of the Viking raids of the region 8th to 12th centuries.

  3. Enchanted Lake – refers to the lake at the top of the mountain of Slieve Gullion. The lake is strongly associated with mythological tales of Cuchulain and Finn McCool.

  4. Cutting the Callaigh – an old tradition in the farming communities during the harvesting season.

  5. Lassara’s leap – a ghost story of the 1640’s.

  6. The Matachine Sword dance – an ancient Irish sword dance.

  7. The Peacock’s Feather – a farewell song of the people of ‘Around the Ring of Gullion’. They were forlorn and devastated when the great Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone left Ireland on 4th September 1607 – during the ‘Flight of the Earls’. The people were left unprotected and vulnerable. O’Neill died in Rome in 1616, a stranger on a foreign shore.

  8.  Shillagh Dance – the famous dance was performed by men with sticks crossing and re-crossing, placing the shillaghs in different positions – probably derived from an ancient celtic war dance.

  9. On Camlough (The Crooked Lake) – a scenic narrow lake nestled between Slieve Gullion and Camlough Mountain.

  10. Killeavy Castle – a splendid 19th century Scottish baronial castle in a magnificent setting.

  11.  St. Moninna’s blessing – fifteen hundred years after her death, St Moninna is still venerated by the people of this area.

  12.  Killeavy Old Church – The original church was built in 450 AD and has been a place of worship for over thousand years.The church was plundered in 923 AD by the Vikings. Later, It became an Augustian monastery. The monastery was dissolved in 1542 during the suppression and ‘Dissolution of the monasteries’ in the reign of Henry VIII.

  13. Sweet Johnny Boy – a story of John Small Balmer of Shean. He was one of the leaders of the 1798 rebellion in the Forkhill area. He was an ancestor of Maura’s grandfather – Robert Balmer, who came from Forkhill. The photographic flowers of Shean are from his land in Shean.

  14.  Lord of My Life – is a spiritual offering incorporating the ‘Many Church Bells’ of all the churches in the area.

  15.  Annahaia Finale.

The Ring of Gullion Songs

Mystical Mountain (M. Erskine-M.Jones)

Cutting the Calliach (M. Erskine-M.Jones)

Johnny Boy (M. Erskine-M.Jones)

Lord of my Life (M. Erskine-M.Jones)

Enchanted Lake (M. Erskine-M.Jones)

Lassara's Leap(M. Erskine-M.Jones)

Annahaia Reprise (M. Erskine-M.Jones)

On Camlough (M. Erskine-M.Jones)

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You can order your copy of the DVD (see below) or CD 'Ring of Gullion' album through the 'Contact' page of this website or write to annahaiarecords@yahoo.co.uk



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