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As Gaelic Ireland breathes its last breath, here is a story in music and song of love, ambition, war and intrigue.  The Flight of the Earls in story and song, a CD audio book, also The Flight of the Earls,  A Musical Portrait,  In Music and Song.
2007 is the 400th anniversary of the Flight of the Earls.  Dr. John McCavitt wrote the historical narrative for the audio book.  Dr. McCavitt is a leading authority on the period of the Flight of the Earls and the Plantation of Ulster.

Only now, some 400 years later, is Ireland “Coming to terms” with the day Hugh O’Neill, earl of Tyrone and Rory O’Donnell, earl of Tyrconnell boarded a ship at Rathmullan bound for the continent never to return.  So declared John Hume at the launch of an innovative CD commemorating the Flight of the Earls which occurred in 1607 Many Irish people and people of Irish decent, know of the flight of the Earls, which occurred in 1607 without knowing about it.  As this year is the 400th anniversary of this pivotal event, historian Dr. John McCavitt (author of The Flight of the Earls, Dublin,2002) and composer, Maura Erskine have pooled their talents to produce a novel entertainment/educational package that combines story telling with original music and song. 

The CD entitled “The Flight of the Earls” In Story and Song, begins with a narrative piece entitled “The Wooing of Mabel”, tracing the background of the Flight of the Earls to the 1590’s and the controversial elopement of the middle aged Earl of Tyrone with the youthful Mabel Bagenal,  sister of the Queen’s Marshall based in Newry, close to the Gap of the North.  The accompanying song entitled:  Mo Storin (My Darling) encapsulates the tensions involved in the liaison between Catholic champion and Elizabethan Protestant Lady.

 Further narrative chapters include the evocatively entitled “Death and Vendetta” and “Destruction by Peace”,  bearing testimony to this turbulent and poignant phase in Irish history.  It was time when Ireland was suddenly and shockingly denuded of its native aristocracy at a stroke is brought home by the doleful song entitled “: The Lost Chieftains of Tyrconnel”,  while the pain of exile, such a feature of many generatatons of Irishmen, is epitomized in the ballad “My Distant Homeland”,  which articulates the sentiments of the Earl of Tyrone on his deathbed in Rome.  For those who prefer the story in music and song only,  a second CD,  Entitled The Flight of the Earls and A Musical Portrait   has been produced which offers two attractive additional tracks.  Based on the sentiments of  Bardic Poetry of the period,“The Gaelic Twilight Years” is a ballad offering a romanticized view of Ireland in the era before the Flight of the Earls period.  Drawing on contemporary verse too “Daughters of Erin” commemorates the women of the Flight.

The talented array of singers include Billy Finnegan, Cecile Larochelle, Maura Erskine,  Sarah Mills as well as  Ros Ui Dubhain the winner of the Young Voice of Ireland award.  The CD’s were produced by Miles Jones.

For further background information on this story,  contact Dr. John McCavitt’s email:

johnmccavitt@hotmail.com           www.theflightoftheearls.net


The Flight of the Earls Songs

Daughters' of Erin (M. Erskine-M.Jones-McCavitt)

Gaelic Twilight Years (M. Erskine-M.Jones-McCavitt)

The Matachine (M. Erskine-M.Jones)

My distant homeland (M. Erskine-M.Jones-McCavitt)

Exiles' Anthem (M. Erskine-M.Jones-McCavitt)

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Contributor Biographies

Maura Erskine - Composer/Singer
Maura has had a very varied career singing in leading roles in early opera and medieval entertainment in England and the USA.  She has composed 3 original CD albums, Around The Ring Of Gullion, Ring Of Mourne and Celtic Echoes.
Miles Jones - Producer/Arranger & Engineer
Miles is a multi-instrumentalist singer and songwriter.  He is equally at home in the Jazz idiom and the orchestral symphonic genre.  Originally from Buffalo, NY, Miles has produced many original albums on both sides of the Atlantic.
Dr. John McCavitt, FRHistS - Author/Narrator
Widely published author of articles and books on Early Modern Ireland, including Sir Arthur Chichester, Lord Deputy of Ireland 1605-1616 (Belfast 1998), The Flight Of The Earls (Dublin 2002).  Dr. John McCavitt has also written a play on The Flight Of The Earls.
Billy Finnegan - Singer
Billy is a singer and songwriter.  A native of Co. Armagh, Ireland, who has enjoyed over thirty years as an international Entertainer.
Cecile La Rochelle - Singer
Cecile is an international Entertainer.  Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada with material Irish roots to the core and paternal inspiration of her soul.
Bruno Patron - Cover Art
Known as 'Patron of the Arts', Bruno is a professional artist.  He is a specialist in original paintings, cartoons, animation and murals.
Thomas Erskine - Photography
Thomas is a photographer who has produced an outstanding book called 'Mourne' of his photography
. Check out the DVD and CD 'Ring of Gullion' for fine examples of his photography.
Dominic Patron
Dominic is a graphic designer, photographer and webmaster who designed this website. He has his own photography business in Asia . He currently works in Bangkok. Check out the photos on the 'Ring of Gullion' DVD and CD for his photography style..

You can order your copy of the 'Musical Portrait: Flight of the Earls' album through the 'Contact' page of this website or write to annahaiarecords@yahoo.co.uk





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