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Photographs by Thomas Erskine

Thomas Erskine photography

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Maura Erskine's Ring of Mourne

The Ring of Mourne is an original CD composed by Maura Erskine, Produced and Arranged by Miles Jones.

The CD is a musical kaleidoscope of musical pictures and stories of the famous Mountains of Mourne,  One of the most scenic places in Ireland.  A Jewel in the crown of Ulster.

The musical journey takes us from “The Mystic Mournes” during the ‘Ice Age’ when the great white bear, the wild boar, wolves and golden eagle roamed freely.

We come to the “The Brandy Pad”, an area in the mountains famous for smuggling in the 18th and 19th centuries.

We hear the ancient “Bell of Kilbroney” made in the year 600ad.

Next, we witness the arrival in Green Castle of the “Knight and His Lady”.  Sir John De Courcy,  The King’s champion and his wife Lady Affreca,  daughter of King Godred of the Isle of Man in the 12th century.

We experience now, the tragic true story of “Fanny Bell” and the great fishing tragedy off Newcastle in 1843, when 72 local fishermen lost their lives in a freak storm, south east of Annalong.


The Ring of Mourne Songs

Brandy Pad (M. Erskine-M.Jones)

Castles of Kiviter (M. Erskine-M.Jones)

Ring of Mourne Finale (M. Erskine-M.Jones)

Maggie's Leap (M. Erskine-M.Jones)

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You can order your copy of the DVD (see below) or CD
'Ring of Mourne' album through the 'Contact' page of this website or write to annahaiarecords@yahoo.co.uk


Ring of Mourne